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frequently asked questions

what kind of work will i be doing?

You will be doing meaningful work—work that needs to be done and that serves some sort of larger social good. This means that we will be doing whatever work needs to be done by the farm, food pantry, or community garden that day. This may include weeding, planting seeds, harvesting, watering, feeding livestock, clearing brush, washing/prepping/serving food, etc. Please remember that though there may be moments when you are tired or challenged by a particular task, by the end of the work day you and your Farm Crew will be SO proud of what you’ve accomplished. 

who will be on the farm crew with me?

You will be working side by side with teens from throughout Pittsfield—there will be twelve of you total, plus Roots Rising staff. You will get the chance to meet everybody at Family Orientation. You can be sure that the Farm Crew will be made up of teens with diverse backgrounds, experiences, and skill sets, which will make our group that much stronger! What you all share is a spirit of adventure and a can-do attitude! 

what do you mean you're taking my cell phone??

There are NO cell phones allowed during the work day! All cell phones and electronic devices will be collected at pick-up and returned at drop-off. You must hand over your cell phone at pick-up or you will not be permitted to work that day. Why are we doing this? 1) This is a professional work experience. At most jobs there will be limitations as to when and where you can use your phone. 2) This is a group experience. You will become very close to your fellow Farm Crew members, and being glued to your phone impedes the group bonding experience. 3) This is a farming and outdoor experience. You have your entire life to be in front of a screen- this is your chance to live life closer to the land and nature!

what should i wear to work each day?

The most important thing is that you wear clothes that are comfortable to work in and that you’re ok getting dirty. Every day you will need to wear your Roots Rising T-shirt and hat (hats are Summer Crew only). It is your responsibility to make sure you have a clean T-shirt to wear each day to work! The hat is essential to provide protection from the sun. Wear pants or shorts that are long enough to move comfortably in. You need to wear closed-toed shoes (like sneakers)- NO flip flops or shoes with heels. Also, NO hanging jewelry (anything that can get caught or tangled while working) and NO nail tips. Remember that you will be working with your hands. We will provide work gloves when appropriate, but you should be prepared to get your hands dirty at any time! You will also need to bring your Roots Rising water bottle- provided on the first day of work!

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