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Our Values


We believe in the transformational power of meaningful work- work that needs to be done and contributes to a larger social good.


Meaningful work leaves youth feeling purposeful, capable, and connected.


Our chosen path of meaningful work is food and farming.


We believe in the importance of building community.


We are living in an age of loneliness. Our Pittsfield Farmers Market and our Youth Crews serve as "third places"- spaces outside of home, work and school where

community life is cultivated and feelings of belonging and connection are strengthened. 


We believe that everyone in our community should have access to fresh, healthy food. Our food justice programs make our farmers market affordable to all.


We believe that every youth should have the opportunity to engage in meaningful work. Our Youth Crews provide transport, work gear, and food, so that teens from all backgrounds can participate.


We believe that the foundation for a healthy society is a strong local food system. 

Our farmers market provides vending opportunities all year round, including in the winter months when income can be hard to come by. 

Our Youth Crews provide free labor to local farms using sustainable growing methods.


From the mental health of our youth to the future of our world, cultivating an understanding of and appreciation for the natural world is central to our work.

Farming offers young people the chance to
connect to the
environment and each other, deepening their understanding of
themselves, the
environment, and our food system.

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