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our youth farm


Roots Rising is launching a Youth Farm!


Our Youth Farm will be an intersection of our youth empowerment and food justice work. More than just a work site for our teens, it will also be a community and food hub, a green oasis in the city, and a headquarters to amplify our legacy of food justice work in the city of Pittsfield.


We envision this teen-powered, community-centered farm to be a training ground for the next generation of food system and community changemakers. And we aim for the farm to be a source of resilience, inspiration and pride, both for the the City of Pittsfield and beyond. 

Why a Youth Farm?

Farms are awesome, and so are teens. A teen-powered farm? That's something pretty magical. But it's not the only reason why a Youth Farm is needed in our local community.  

Youth Farm Activities

What will we be up to on the Youth Farm? A whole lot! Here's a peek at the programs that the Youth Farm may host over the years. 

A Youth Farm at Springside Park

Roots Rising’s goal is to create a teen-powered, community-centered farm that enriches lives and strengthens our local food system. Our Youth Farm lives into the vision and needs outlined in the Springside Park Master Plan - view our proposal to the city below!

“From our organization’s beginning, the community has had our back. It truly takes a village to launch a farm, and we feel the upwelling of excitement for this new initiative. Roots Rising’s Youth Farm will give our organization a home where it truly belongs- right in the heart of our city and community,”

—Jessica Vecchia, Executive Director of Roots Rising

More updates to come! Help us power this process by donating today.
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