our impact

It amazes me what five weeks under the beating sun can do to a person. I went from polished nails to a permanent dirt manicure. I have learned to embrace the earth, instead of shying away from all its wonders.”

Mary, age 17

Summer Farm Crew '17

So much has changed for me since being a member of Roots Risings' Farm Crew. I’m no longer a girly-girl who is afraid of dirt. My eating habits have changed completely, and I'm no longer afraid of hard work. I always say that at Roots Rising I am getting paid to do what I love.”

Julianna, age 16

Summer Farm Crew '17

School Year Farm Crew '17-'18

When I first started Roots Rising, I was shy. Now I feel free. And I've learned that I love helping people."

Sumowo, age 17

Summer Farm Crew '17