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photo gallery

Listening to fieldwork instructions.
Lending support in morning meeting.
Shelbi displays her carrot harvest.
Jaclyn and Sumowo at the market.
Harvesting beets in the autumn.
Draft horses cultivate nearby rows.
Arnell shows off her weeding skills.
The Farm Squad.
Many hands make light work.
Joannda loves finding edible weeds.
Lettuce bouquets gifted to the Crew.
The Crew learns about pig butchery.
Staff and Crew share a sweet hug.
Laughing while working.
Row buddies make fieldwork more fun.
Julianna atop the bed she built.
The Crew at work on a beautiful day.
Laying down a line to plant lettuce.
Clearing woody debris from a farm.
Standing proud in the fields.
Sumowo hauls a garlic scape harvest.
The group engages in Real Talk.
Roots Rising staff in the fields.
Josh smiles while harvesting.
Mary harvesting garlic scapes.
Danielle at work.
Closing circle.
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